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Pwn Filter is a revival and complete rewrite of the Regex Filter plugin by Floyd ATC.Thanks to Dream Phreak for helping with this Bukkit page, to Sage905 for taking over the latest branch of development making Pwn Filter even better than ever, and to Epic Atrain for developing comprehensive regex rules for server owners to use.But another server directly leeching off my playerbase, with malicious intent? No problem is unsolvable, it just takes a little effort, experience, innovation and dedication. I cater to the people who want to play the game, but for some reason could not, or would not buy a premium account. "My server receives enough in donations (with no game advantage or restriction as required by the EULA) that the server rental is always covered each month, in fact we have the next two years rental and domain name costs already covered." How grand, it's time to measure e-penises on the basis of how much money do we get online from our playerbases.Just because someone's mommy doesn't want to give a multi-million company 20 more dollars doesn't mean that someone should be utterly unable to have fun with his friends online. I can proudly state 25cm and add that I also have obtained during the past 12 months enough donations to keep the server up and running until 2019.All donations are GREATLY appreciated for all of the time that goes into this plugin and support.

We don't tolerate advertising, offensive behaviour language, stealing, griefing etc.

If you notice that Pwn Filter conflicts/interferes with another chat-related plugin, edit your config.yml, go to the "ADVANCED" section at the bottom, unhide the priority you want to change (by removing the # in front of the line), and change the priority from the default setting "Lowest" to another setting like "Highest".

This can sometimes resolve conflicts, otherwise ask on our forum or create a ticket.

: The permission node pwnfilter.bypass is automatically granted to OP and players with * permission nodes.

If you do not want these players bypassing the filter at all, you must negate this permission node for them in your Permissions Plugin's files.

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