Updating os on blackberry storm

It will not transfer DRM tracks, but we all knew that.Media has never been a strong suit of the Black Berry line but it works albeit unattractively.RIM really dropped the ball after launching the Bold with the shouldhaveneverbeenlaunched Storm.But I’m happy to say that they’ve come back into our good graces with the launch of the T-Mobile Curve II otherwise known as the 8900.Sound quality from speaker is excellent, videos and games sound amazing.I’d suggest you not use the included application from Roxio for converting videos, though.Update: Just noticed that the right side hard button for the camera is a ‘double presser’ like a real camera.A half press allows the camera to auto-focus and a full press snaps the image. Less than 24 hours after pulling the 8900 off the charger with moderate use I’m in need of juice.

GPS is enabled in Google Maps and Black Berry Maps.The first photo is in low light without flash and the second was taken with flash.The 8900 drops support for 802.11a, which is a bummer for some folks like my brother but I have no issues with it.Camera quality is excellent and pictures are very sharp.It’s significantly faster than the Storm, and the higher resolution 3.2-megapixel camera trumps the Bold as well. It performs fairly well in low light, but you’re going to need a steady hand and still subject.Like the Storm, the 8900 has a fancy metal back cover (which is a bit loose for my taste) and chrome trim. The new trackball is quite smooth and just better to use. The 2.4-inch screen is super high-res at 480×360, which is higher than the Bold’s 480×320.But the Bold’s 2.5-inch screen makes watching videos a bit easier on the eyes.Typing on the 8900 is much better than on the 8800 series, but it’s not as smooth as the Bold.Keys are slanted like the Bold and 8800 series and it’s much sturdier than the 8320 keyboard. Not as good as the 8700 series, but better than the 8300 series.The battery life will surely exceed that of the Bold considering it lacks the 3G radio. The OS upgrade to 4.6 is nice, but if you’ve used the Bold or Storm it’s nothing new. Why RIM continues to neglect this key feature is beyond anyone’s comprehension.This may be one of the only downsides to the Black Berry.

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